Securing Your Goals

 We understand the importance of putting money away for retirement, and recognize it may seem expensive, but we want to help you realize your retirement goals.

Achieving Your Goals

 We work diligently to ensure your money works hard for you as you have for it. What you do now to prepare will bear fruit for the unknown future.

Lowest contribution amount in the country

Our Advantages

American Labor Alliance created a retirement benefit for its members and named it the ALA Trust. The retirement trust is under the rules of the ERISA Law of 1974. In turn, the ALA Trust secures an ERISA bond. This bond is a form of insurance which basically protects all assets and investment assets of the trust and American Labor Alliance.

Qualified or

non-qualified plans

  • ERISA bonded on all retirement funds & assets

  • Fidelity insured on all assets

  • Under ERISA, funds are protected from creditors & government agencies

  • Funds backed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

  • 44 millions Americans participate in 29,000 retirement trust


How It Works

 Invest with pre or post tax dollars. Adopt our comprehensive 401(k) plan for yourself or your employees.